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    Скачать бесплатно 크리스탈하츠 for Kakao - Crystal Hearts for Kakao v3.20000032 Моd (Massive Damage When Buffed).

    Download on the MOD Google Play


    THE NEW 2018, Crystal Hearts!

    Do check the experience changed Crystal Hearts!
    When connected to the game but paid all sohwangwon 5 stars!

    ▶ Abyss loading "rakeuseu" appeared!
    ▶ dungeon adventure renewed for new / returning user!
    ▶ World boss Mauricio Greece emerged!
    ▶ prelude of a new story started four films!
    ▶ Add a new set of weapons and rune system!

    For more information, please visit the Naver Cafe

    ▶ Real-time Action RPG that directly controls the movement and the target
    : To move and attack at once! Let's experience the exhilarating, easy real-time control of the hands to play!
    : Make full use of the differentiation strategy as heroes with different skills!

    ▶ In another RPG could find beautiful, warm graphics
    : Make a differentiated experience graphical authentic well-made RPG!

    ▶ authentic story-centric mobile RPG
    : Epic hero is an ordinary boy growing
    : Let's appearance is good boy, but leave the adventure with powerful friends!

    ▶ variety of fun content that should not be missed none
    : The hero is much stronger through the awakening
    : Me Thyssen than me! Chapter authentic tactical arena!
    : Did you catch up to where the boss? Let's configure the various parties hold the ultimate boss!

    Дополнительная Информация

    5 июля 2018 г.
    Версия Windows МИН. ВЕРСИЯ ANDROID:
    4.2 и выше
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